Our portable laptop desk, tablet stand or notebook table makes officing on the go more comfortable. Office beyond your lap. Use your notebook up on a desk - not across your knees. Feel the relief in your neck, shoulders and back.


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Rolling Case Desk: Model 3000
Our desk for rolling cases is also a tripod desk.

Rolling Case Desk: Model 3000 NOT AVAILABLE
You Pay Only: $129.00 Retail Price: $129.00

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Tote Bag, a $30. value:  Temporarily Unavailable
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Model 3000 Specifications:THE DESK TOP FOLDS IN HALF. When unfolded the desk top is 15 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep. When folded it is 8 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep. The desk as shown in the left photo above can be clamped to your rolling case handle in a low position for sitting or higher for standing use and is adjustable in height from 16 inches up to 36 inches. Once clamped to the handle the handle cannot slip down due to weight anywhere on the desk top - only if significant downward force is applied to the top of the handle itself. The height of the average laptop keyboard in the highest standing position is 38 inches. Weight: 3.0 lbs. Materials: Durable ABS Black Plastic. Adjustable Legs are anodized telescopic aluminum alloy. 3-M Non-Skid Surface. The desk with the two rear legs added shown in the tripod configuration above right has the same height adjustment range plus each of its legs can be adjusted independently to level the desk top when the ground is uneven.


• The Model 3000 is a 2-in-1 desk: Its a desk that conveniently clamps to your wheeled case or luggage handle and has 2 rear legs that convert it into a strong adjustable free-standing tripod desk.

Its ideal for your frequent business trips because the desk folds in half allowing it to pack and travel more easily in a smaller spaces.

Its a desk system designed to help you be productive on the journey as well as at any destination you may find yourself when you travel next.

• FOR LAPTOPS, PROJECTORS AND MORE... The Model 3000 is just right for your smallest or largest laptops (up to 17 inch displays) and your frequent sales or educational presentations using a projector. The Model 3000 is designed to attach to all brands and makes of carry-on sized wheeled laptop cases, luggage or carts - including sales cases, the widest handles on industrial grade cases such as Porter cases, Pelican, photography cases - even the single stem handles found on Swiss Army and similar brands. Mobile professionals, technicians and executives enjoy the freedom and flexibility this portable desk provides. Now you can "office" beyond your cubicle and your lap in comfort.

• SITTING OR STANDING HEIGHT: The Model 3000 adjusts from a sitting height as low as 18 inches to a standing height of up to 38 inches to the top of your laptop keyboard. Whatever your work application or presentation situation requires, it easily adjusts to a height that will meet your need. Short or tall? The extra height available in the Model 3000 will adjust to you perfectly. Work more comfortably and enjoy less pain or strain.

• STABLE & STRONG: Holds between 15 - 20 lbs. Much more than enough to support the weight of your laptop or a video projector. Once the desk is clamped onto the upright, extended handle of your rolling case both desk and handle become locked-in at the exact height you have selected. The handle cannot drop down due to weight on the desk top - only when significant downward pressure is placed on the handle from directly above the handle. To change the desk height, just loosen the clamp knob and adjust the leg. Any amount of weight in your luggage will add to the stability of your desk - it will not easily tilt or wobble during normal use.

• AIRPORTS,SOME VEHICLES, OFFICE AND HOME: Use it on your next business trip, in your many local work team meetings, at your client's location, in airports, also in some SUV's, van's, truck's and RV's. It stays put. No tilt or wobble during normal driving or use. Need extra desk space in your own cramped office between trips? Take it home evenings and weekends and use it next to your favorite chair. Useful on vacations and camping trips as well. It's so useful, you will rarely put it away.

• ARRIVE LESS TIRED: Travel is tiring enough. Work more comfortably and arrive less tired. Feel the relief in your neck, back and shoulders when you use your laptop up on a desk instead of down on your legs. Heat build-up from your laptops battery can't burn your legs anymore either. Stretch out, get comfortable at your portable desk. You can even cross your legs. Try that sometime with your notebook computer and paperwork perched on your lap.

• SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Don't wait to arrive to work. Get more done en route and in more locations at your destination. Avoid costly airport club dues and fees or the more expensive hotels, just to have your own desk space. Stop wasting your time searching for a convenient workspace when and where you need one. Now you have it 24/7.

• GET PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACE: Convenient workspace away from your office is always hard to find - like right next to your departure gate. Stay productive right of to boarding time. Stay productive in your crowded work team meetings when table space gets tight. Stay productive over your Latte... right up to your next sales call meeting or presentation.

• WORK MORE SECURELY: Watch out! Don't drop your laptop off your lap. Many do with sometimes a bad outcome for a business trip, planned meeting with an important customer, or key meetings with top management. Your stored data and pocketbook can suffer as well. Work more securely using your laptop on a desk.

RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: Click here to view our list of important accessories for the Model 3000.

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