Our portable laptop desk, laptop stand and laptop table makes officing on the go more comfortable. Office beyond your lap. Use your notebook up on a desk - not across your knees. Feel the relief in your neck, shoulders and back.


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Accessories For Model 3000

Tote BagTote BagFree With Your Desk Order today! Holds the Model 3000, any of its accessories and its 3 collapsed legs. The Tote is made of Black 400 Denier plastic backed rip-stop nylon. Its two generous loop handles allow you to carry your desk out of the way over your shoulder. You can also use the strap on the bags back side to slide it over and down your rolling case handle where it rides along nicely on top of your wheeled luggage or case. Your desk and Tote are compact enough to be carried inside most cases or luggage or in an outside sleeve as long as there is space along with your other gear. The Tote is Mildew and moisture resistant as well as washable.
($30.00 value automatically included Free with your Desk Order Today)
MOUSE SHELF (Swing-out)MOUSE SHELF (Swing-out)A black plastic surface, mounted under the desktop, that is rotated out for use and back out of the way when not needed. Use it as your mouse pad or as extra desk space. Approximate additional surface area is 6 inches x 7 inches. Fits Models 1500 and 3000. Pre-installed when ordered with your desk purchase. Easy to install yourself.

A Mouse Shelf cannot be mounted on the same side with a Document Holder.

This accessory is designed to fit only our portable desk products.
Please select side to attach (facing you): 
Laptop Security StrapLaptop Security StrapUse this 1-inch wide, black elastic nylon strap to help hold your notebook computer firmly down against the desktops non-skid 3M surface. Fits Models 1500 and 3000.
Adjustable Document HoldersAdjustable Document HoldersDurable black plastic document holders attach under the right and left edges of your desktop. They fold down out of the way when not needed or to stow for travel. When pulled out for use, they can display 1 to 20 sheets of paper (8-1/2 inches x 11 inches or smaller). They adjust to position your document at the best viewing angle and distance for you and your laptop screen. Fits Models 1500 and 3000. Comes pre-installed when ordered with your desk purchase. Easy to install yourself.
A Document Holder cannot be mounted on the same side with a Mouse Shelf.
Please select side to attach (facing you): 

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