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  • Frequent business travelers and professionals that spend hours or days at global and U.S. client locations and in airports worldwide.
  • Among those valuing the Model 3000 most are accountants, CPA's, attorneys, software and systems developers, I.T. PLC professionals, manufacturing, biotech, pharma, the military, professionals, and financial executives, among others.


  • The Model 3000 Rolling Case Desk + Tripod provides many unique, useful mobile workplace solutions that any mobile executive, professional, business service or telecommuter will appreciate.
  • They include:
    1. Big but small:
      The Model 3000 provides a full-size desktop to hold the largest laptops but also folds in half, so it can be packed and travel as small as possible. It's especially easy to take along on business trips and those long airport delays can now be a lot more productive right up to boarding time.
    2. Less carrying:
      At your work destination, the Model 3000 clamps onto the handle of your rolling case all set up ready to use so you don't have to constantly carry it around. Just roll your case-desk combo between your rental car and work locations inside buildings already setup to use.
    3. Less setup:
      Since your desk can be already work-ready on your rolling case, repeated portable desk assembly-disassembly, unpacking and repacking, every time you use it, isn't necessary anymore. Travel is tiring enough. Let this desk save you time and energy on your next business trip or holiday.
    4. More flexibility:
      When a rolling case isn't needed or would just get in the way, convert your Model 3000 Rolling Case Desk into a strong stable, tripod laptop stand. All you need to do is adjust the 2 extra rear legs (that come with the Desk) to the length you need, then insert them into the Desk's 2 rear quick-connect leg sockets.


  • Clamped to a Rolling Case Handle

    • The Model 3000 is designed to securely clamp onto the extended handle of any carry-on size rolling case, wheeled luggage, cart or folding crate.
    • After clamping it onto your rolling case handle, just plug the Desk's front leg into the quick-connect front socket and it's setup for strong, stable, level use at any height you select, sitting or standing.

    Special Note: Desks can be clamped to rolling case handles facing off to the rear or to the front.
  • Desks Facing the Rear

    • When clamped on facing the rear, prior to rolling your case-desk combo to a new location, the Desk's single front leg must be removed or collapsed so the case can be tipped back to roll.
  • Desks Facing the Front:

    • When your Model 3000 Desk is clamped on facing the front of your rolling case, there is a little less room for your knees and legs, because the case is directly underneath partially in the way.
    • There is an advantage however, when the case is moved. The Desk's single leg does not need to be removed or collapsed when it is rolled to its next work location.


    • Sometimes a free-standing tripod desk is needed more than a mobile one on a rolling case.
    • Because mobile workers often need both kinds of desk, the Model 3000 is designed to also easily, quickly convert to a strong, stable tripod laptop stand. All you need to do is adjust and insert the 2 extra legs that come with the Model 3000 into the 2 rear quick-connect sockets.
    • The following scenarios, describe just a few examples when a tripod desk is most advantageous. You will be able to think of many more.
    • During team project meetings in small rooms around overcrowded tables, rolling cases or wheeled luggage often just get in the way. A good solution is to park your case over in a corner, and use your tripod setup close in, like it is an extension of the meeting table.
    • Healthcare settings in clinics, hospitals and homes, where medical equipment and laptops often cannot be used close enough to patients because desks on rolling cases are too bulky or short. Switching to a tripod setup can allow medical personnel to use equipment closer to patients with less crowding.
    • Model 3000 Desks on Rolling Cases support a mostly upright seated posture, but do little to help when you move into a more relaxed work posture. Sitting back in soft, deep, low sofas or easy chairs for example. A tripod setup with its 3 independently adjustable legs can be configured to support your laptop within reach from almost any posture.
    • TV and motion picture script writers, construction professionals, and the military working outdoors on location (and on uneven ground) don't need “tippy” desks on rolling cases that are never level. A tripod setup with 3 individually adjustable legs will always allow your Desk to remain level and stable no matter how uneven the ground or floor.


    • The Model 3000 Rolling Case Desk + Tripod includes the following:
      • 1 full-size desktop (that folds in half) (open: 15 inches wide x 12.5 deep; folded: 8 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep)
      • 1 front leg: (adjusts: 16 inches - 35 inches)
      • 2 rear legs: (adjusts: 16 inches - 35 inches)
      • 1 rear clamp bar (red oak - comes attached to Desk) (clamps to Rolling Case handles up to 10 inches wide)
      • 1 tote bag: (holds Desk (folded), 3 legs, accessories)
    • Accessories:(Are not included. Can be purchased separately.) (swing-out mouse shelf, adjustable document holders, laptop security strap plus Custom Products:side-shelves for portable printers-scanners, extra height legs, and other custom products)
    • Rolling Cases shown with Desks are not included.


    • Materials:
      • Desktop:
        Very tough ABS (black) plastic tops that are washable.
      • Hinges:
        Piano hinge - aluminum alloy
      • Clamp Bar:
        Red Oak.
      • Legs (3):
        Anodized aluminum alloy telescopic tubes
      • Hardware:
        Stainless steel and steel
      • Tote Bag:
        200 Dienier, black nylon. (2 long over the shoulder straps and strap-on back to carry on top of rolling cases or luggage. Washable)
      • Non-skid Top: 3M rubber
    • Weight:
      • 3.00 lbs. (Desktop, clamp, 3 legs and tote bag. Accessories approx. 4 oz. each extra)
    • Holding Capacity:
      • 15 - 20 lbs.

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