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  • The Model 1500 Portable Laptop Desk is favored by mobile professionals, technicians and service businesses working at multiple drivable dispersed customer locations daily.
  • Sales reps,insurance adjustors, tax assessors, home health aides,I.T. consultants, facility managers,specialty consultants, engineers, and architects are just a few examples.


  • The Model 1500 Rolling Case Desk + Tripod provides several unique solutions that any mobile professional, telecommuter or business will appreciate. They include:
    1. It Is Work Ready:Because work stops can be frequent and brief high value is placed on quick set-up, take down and move-on especially of any equipment needed to complete the job

      the Model 1500 can be left clamped onto the handle of your rolling case, so itís already set up and ready to use. All you have to do is roll it from your car or office to your first work location lift the hinged desk top up and insert the front leg.Do the reverse when its time to move on.

      Instead of carrying your desk around, you roll it around, on the wheeled laptop case or rolling luggage you already have.

    2. More flexibility: You can easily convert your rolling case desk into a free standing tripod desk and back again, anytime you want. slip the 2 extra adjustable rear legs, that come with the desk, into the rear quick-connect sockets.

      There are many times when a rolling case desk is the most convenient to use and times when it just gets in the way or isnít needed. Itís good to know your Model 1500 Portable Laptop Desk converts quickly and easily to either setup.

      When your work schedule or environment demand flexibility in your portable workspace, you are not stuck with just 1 solution anymore.


  • Clamped to a Rolling Case Handle

    • The Model 1500 Desk is designed to securely clamp onto the handles of any wheeled case, rolling luggage, cart or folding crate.
    • Its single adjustable front leg slips into the deskís quick-connect front socket. That sets it up for level, stable use at either a sitting or standing height its your choice.
    • The Desk can clamp onto handles up to 10 inches in width, that have parallel tube or solid handle designs.
    • Your Model 1500 Desk can also be clamped on either side of your rolling case handle, facing the front or the rear. In either case, there are important considerations before you tilt it to roll to a new location.
  • Desk Facing the Rear

    • If the Desk faces the rear of the case, before the case can be rolled, the single quick-disconnect front leg must be collapsed or removed and stowed, usually in the tote bag with the 2 extra legs used for the tripod setup.
    • After removing the front leg, a hinge along the Deskís rear permits the entire desktop to drop down flat against the handle completely out of the way. This makes it much easier to maneuver your rolling case plus desk through crowded spaces and transport it in small vehicles.
    • When your Model 1500 Desk faces the rear, you also have the advantage of more knee and leg space under the desktop, since the case is not in the way.
  • Desk Facing the Front

    • When clamped on handles facing the front of rolling cases, the front leg does not need to be removed prior to tilting and rolling. The desk just rides along resting against the front of the case.
    • When facing the front, your knee and leg space under the desk will be reduced, since the case will be directly underneath.


  • Sometimes a free-standing tripod desk with 3 adjustable legs, is needed more than a mobile desk on a wheeled case.
  • Because mobile workers, professionals and executives often require the flexibility of 2 different kinds of desk, the Model 1500 is designed to quickly convert into a strong, stable tripod stand for your laptop work.
  • All you need to do is slip on 2 extra legs (that come with the Model 1500) into the 2 rear quick-connect sockets.
  • The following describes just a few situations when a tripod desk is needed more than a mobile, rolling case desk. You will be able to think of many more examples:
    1. During team project meetings in small rooms around overcrowded tables, rolling cases often just get in the way. A good solution is to park your case over in a corner and use your tripod desk setup closer in, like an extension of the meeting table.
    2. In many healthcare settings, including at work, home hospice, clinics and hospitals, medical equipment and/or laptops, often cannot be used close enough to patients, because general conditions are already crowded and desks on rolling bases are too bulky or too short. Switching to a tripod setup can help medical personnel to use diagnostic or data entry devices such as ultrasound units and laptops in closer proximity with better results.
    3. The Model 1500 Desk clamped to a rolling case supports an upright seated posture very well, but lacks the flexibility to support more relaxed postures. Like sitting way back in a soft, deep, low sofa or easy chair for example. The Model 1500 Tripod setup with its 3 independently adjustable legs can always be altered to support laptop work in resting and work postures.
    4. TV and motion picture script writers, construction professionals and the military, among others, that use laptops outdoors on- location and on uneven ground, donít need ďtippyĒ desks that are never level. The Model 1500 Tripod setup with its 3 individually adjustable legs always allow your desk to remain level and stable, no matter how uneven the ground or floor.


  • The Model 1500 Rolling Case Desk + Tripod includes the following:

    • 1 full-size desktop (does not fold in half) (15 inches wide x 12 inches deep).
    • 1 front leg:
      (adjusts: 16 inches - 35 inches) (laptop keyboard at highest setting is at 36-38 inches)
    • 2 rear legs:
      (adjusts: 16 inches - 35 inches) (laptop keyboard at highest setting is 36-38 inches)
    • 1 rear clamp:
      (clamps to rolling case handles up to 10 inches wide. Fits all handle designs)
    • 1 tote bag:
      (holds desktop, 3 legs, accessories)
    • Accessories (are not included. Can be purchased separately)(swing-out mouse shelf, adjustable document holders, laptop security strap, side shelves for port. printers-scanners, extra height legs, custom products).
    • Rolling cases (shown with desks are not included)


  • Materials:
    • Desktop: Tough, lightweight black textured ABS plastic tops that are washable or furniture grade plywood with cherry veneers ($40.00 extra) natural finish requires periodic waxing. 3M non-skid rubber.
    • Hinges: (Piano hinges, non rust aluminum alloy)
    • Clamp: (Anodize) aluminum alloy ban with ergonomic knob)
    • Legs (3): (Anodized aluminum alloy telescopic tubes)
    • Hardware: (Stainless steel, steel)
    • Tote Bag: (200 denier black nylon. 2 long over the shoulder straps + strap w/top Velcro closure, on back to carry on rolling cases, luggage, carts washable)
  • Ventilation:
    • Openings in desktop to promote air circulation - less heat buildup.
    • Non-skid pads on desktop elevate laptops slightly to improve under air-flow.
  • General:
    • Desktop holds all laptop size up to 17 inch displays. Entire laptop sets completely on the desk (No laptop overhang which can block vents and cause other problems.).
    • Desk with legs fits inside most carried or rolling laptop cases, if sufficient space has been provided by you.
    • Desk clamps to all carry-on size rolling cases, luggage, carts and crates that have handles up to 10 inches wide.

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