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    The Grocery Cart Laptop Desk is produced to fit all grocery cart models and to hold all netbooks tablets and laptop computers up to 17 inch displays.


  • Grocers and stores using ecommerce platforms like the Rosie system - supports speedier more comfortable internet order picking/fullfillment and scanning in aisles. Also Conagra, Walmart and other food non-food distributors, brand consultants and W.I.C. programs in Health and HR agencies in state governments across the USA.Anyone using an internet connected device in store aisles that needs to move about.


  • The Desk positions tablets netbooks and laptop displays and keyboards for use at a safe, comfortable angle and height.
  • The Desk adjusts to fit securely the child’s seat area of all grocery cart sizes, makes and models.
  • Provides onsite on-the-job access to supply chain, product inventory, stocking and other data where the work is performed not just back in your vehicle or office.


  • The Grocery Cart Laptop Desk has 2 adjustable extension arms which allow it to fit any grocery cart.
  • It comes with a primary lock-down strap which you use to anchor the desk to the cart. An optional-recommended accessory, the Laptop Security Strap, is available to hold your laptop on the desktop.
  • Ventilation holes in the Desktop help to prevent heat buildup from laptop batteries and a non-skid desk surface prevents your laptop from sliding around.
  • The Desk comes with its own washable tote bag made of black 200 denier nylon material and 2 extra long over-the-shoulder straps for carrying. It also has a strap so you can carry it on your rolling case or luggage handle.


  • A full-size desktop that holds all laptop sizes small to large.
  • A primary desk-to-cart hold-down strap.
  • A washable tote bag for the desk with 2 over-the-shoulder carrying straps.


  • Desktop:
    • Weight: 3.0 lbs
    • Size: 14 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep
    • Adjustable arms: two arms to increase desk depth
    • Capacity: holds the weight and size of all laptops up to 17 inch displays

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