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Facility Performance Group

Facility Performance Group, Inc.


Facility Performance Group (FPG) Inc. is intensely focused on the evolving structures and rapidly changing strategic business objectives of organizations, including their work processes, tools, environments and people (total resource context) required for success in an increasingly competitive domestic and global environment. Completely new tools (especially technology/work environment products), processes, and places are particularly of interest – but so are those resources which already exist (current facility and technology assets). These often require adaptations including new forms of management to extend their useful lives in the face of continuous change in order to maximize management’s prior resource investments.There are many significant management and design challenges embedded in all of this for companies. For example, how does an organization know when key mismatches between rapidly changing business and organizational objectives and their existing resources are too great for them to properly enable those objectives (even when new forms of management are in place). Equally important, how does a company identify appropriate strategies for resource improvement through planning, design, management or new purchases that will correct serious mismatches, enable goals and also anticipate future needs, so that the success of new resource investments are ensured well beyond their implementation?To help resolve these problems, FPG, Inc. has formed a strategic research, consulting and educational firm that continuously tracks selected organizational and workplace trends across corporate markets to provide resources for two client groups:

  1. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT CORPORATE CLIENTS: Seeking to continuously improve their FM organizations, planning practice and workplace environments with more insight and innovation, including better performing strategies, processes and products (especially their facilities and technology);
  2. PRODUCT MANUFACTURING/SERVICE COMPANY CLIENTS: Seeking behavioral research from the end-user/customer on all aspects of the work process to continually identify and design better-performing new products and services which will help them to expand into current-future market opportunities.

To stay on the forefront of the most meaningful FM Benchmark Data and requirement/opportunities for new products, services and markets, FPG, Inc. works with more than sixty (60) world-class, Best Practice companies on the leading edge of corporate reinvention/business process reengineering and new facilities’ solutions. The following are FPG, Inc. services we provide to both client groups.



    Workplace trends:
    • Ongoing research into organizational trends, including changes in the work process, technology, alternative officing, telecommuting, home offices, new chum rates and other issues that contain new product/service insights

      Market research:

    • Trend tracking, including the use of survey, focus group and behavioral research methods to identify current-future needs for new product/services, identify new markets and channels, and to conduct product tests.

      New Performance Specifications:

    • Detailed problem insights and new product performance specifications drawn from the research in support of outside or in-house product design-development.

      Product Design/Development:

    • New product concepts/directions derived from the workplace research including totally new product design, on-going product improvement/development and functional prototypes for live site and simulated tests.


    Research Reports and Seminars:
    • Periodic reports, seminars and individual presentations based upon the Best FM Practice research and consulting of FPG, Inc. Presentations and one-day seminars are available for special events, conferences and in-house programs.

      Alternative Office and Technology Strategies:

    • Best Practice alternative office benchmark studies, planning-design and management guidelines to support totally new organizations, work processes and places across rapidly evolving businesses.

      Best FM Practice Benchmarking:

    • Best FM Practice audits and comparisons for and of client FM organizations and their service structures, including FM personnel, planning practice and related operating/project costs. All Benchmark data and examples are drawn from FPG, Inc.’s database of over 60 primarily Fortune 500 companies.

      Strategic Corporate Facility Planning:

    • Structural reorganization that aligns the near-term and longer-range forecast requirements of FM/RE with corporate planning (future business scenarios), and the strategic business, organizational and technology implementation objectives of senior management.


RECENT PRODUCT MANUFACTURING AND SERVICE COMPANY CLIENTS INCLUDE: Herman Miller, Inc., Haworth, Knoll, Unisys, IBM, Masco, Hillenbrand Industries, and units of the Brunswick Corporation, among others.RECENT FACILITIES MANAGEMENT/REAL ESTATE CORPORATE CLIENTS INCLUDE: GM Truck and Bus Group, GE Plastics, Shell Oil Company, MBNA America, ServiceMaster, Herman Miller, Inc., and Goodyear Tire and Rubber.


Key Facility Implications and Results of Business Reengineering: The Private Section Experience and an Outlook for the Future, National Academy of Sciences (National Research Council), Washington, D.C.Organization and Facility Responses to Emerging Work Patterns: An Analysis of Twelve Companies, internal presentation, General Motors Truck and Bus Group, Pontiac, Michigan.Supporting the High Performance Organization: New Furniture Performance Requirements for New Ways of Working, The Knoll Group and IDS Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minnesota.New Convergent and Divergent Work Patterns for Concurrent Engineering Teams: Facility Responses in Six Manufacturing Films, Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler Technology Center, Auburn Hills, Michigan.Expanded Performance Criteria for Computer Components Interface with Furniture, People and Their Work Process, internal presentation, Arnold Wasseman, Vice President, Corporate Industrial Design, Unisys, Inc., Plymouth, Michigan.Facility Influence on Performance and Productivity, Forecasting Facility Responses to Organizational Change and Planning to Meet the Environmental Needs of People, presentations sponsored by Herman Miller in 28 locations, including Phoenix, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Montreal, Princeton, Kansas City, and Detroit.Behavioral Research for New Product Design and Development: Methods and Strategies for Identifying Key Performance Requirements that Support New Productivity Goals, Haworth, Inc., and DuPont Chemical Company, Willmington, Deleware.The Impact of Office Automation on Facility Management: An Update for the 90s and Planning Workplaces to Meet the Environmental Needs of People, International Facility Management Association Regional Meetings, Phoenix, Arizona and Deer Valley, Utah.

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