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About Us

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Hello! I'm the fellow in the picture on the right, Jon Ryburg IDSA, President and founder of, Inc. We are part of an invention-based industrial design company, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Our mission is two-fold:

First: To understand the activities and needs of an "officing" workforce that's more mobile, portable and out-of-the-office than ever.

Second: To identify and provide uniquely performing products that support the productivity, comfort and dignity of this exploding new work pattern.

To achieve these goals,, teams with the resources of Facility Performance Group, a leading "officing trends" research, consulting and education firm. Together, we conduct ongoing research in more than sixty companies within the Fortune and INC 500.Based on the research, we identify, design, seek patents and trademarks, produce, market and sell proprietary new products. We succeed when our products help professionals, executives, field and support staff, in any business, to "office" in space nearly anyplace, easier and better than they would without them.We also seek ways to broaden the availability of our products to businesses and end-user consumers. Finding new and more appropriate outlets or channels of distribution, including possible licensing, co-branding, affiliate programs and other sales agreements is a constant activity for us.In addition, we consult with companies where areas of mutual interest and benefit overlap. Sometimes its to adapt one of our products to a customer's special needs or to research and design a new one.Often consultations are simply the result of a desire to access our considerable knowledge, contacts and capabilities in the field.

The Opportunity A focus on mobile "officing", in support of business travel of all kinds, is truly a challenge. Its grown much larger faster than most expected.But business travel and mobile officing are even bigger, more diverse and pervasive than most realize. Our research for example, shows that when the new forms of team-based "local" travel occurring inside companies are included, total business travel and mobile officing are twice the size of (pre 9/11) business airline travel. At least double the participants, trips and durations involved.How significant is "local" travel, other than size? It's vitally important to organizational success, but also importantly different in many ways, to other types and reasons for business travel. "Local" travel for instance, is almost completely a response to company reorganizations around teams and other total quality goals.The result? Even though shorter-distances are often involved, mobile "officing" activities within this form of travel, are much higher-involvement, materials-laden and intense than in any other type of business travel.Our first products target the travel/mobile office needs of high-involvement teams and work groups. But they also meet the needs of other emerging business applications especially those requiring more multi-locational, brief off-site and other out-of-office work that can benefit from a portable work surface.

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